What is the Best Acoustic Guitar of 2020?

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Acoustic Guitar Reviews for 2020 | Find the Perfect Guitar

Update: August 8th, 2020: Our list of acoustic guitar reviews has just been updated with a few new entries. As always, we do our best to keep an eye out for special deals and new guitars hitting the market. If you have found a great guitar that you think should be listed don’t hesitate to let us know via our Contact Us page. We always look forward to hearing from our readers! Help us keep the best acoustic guitar reviews right here!

Finding the right acoustic guitar can be difficult. Everyone is different and there is more to the right guitar than the sound. A guitar that sounds great but has action 10 inches above the frets won’t work and perfect action with a rough neck and buzz will be just as bad. Fitting the guitar to the style of the player is also a concern. A rock guitarist won’t want a flamenco guitar with nylon strings and a classical player won’t be interested in a guitar with high gauge metal strings.

Once you decide what style of guitar you want then there is always the budget to consider. Is it possible to buy a great guitar for $50.00? Do I need a $2500.00 guitar to meet my playing goals? Should I spend a fortune on my first guitar or go easy on the budget and make sure I really like playing? Should I go all out and get my young child an expensive guitar or buy a budget model? These are important questions we are going to try and help you answer at Fine Acoustics.

So, what is the best guitar for you? Check out our acoustic guitar reviews and find out!

Latest News and Reviews

Seagull S6 Review

This great guitar is pressure tested and has a solid cedar top with a deep, rich wild cherry sides and back. These selected materials, combined with a precise eye for detail, makes this Seagull deliver not only a classic look but a powerful sound. The high degree of...

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Taylor 114ce Review

As most guitar players know Taylor is a good sign of quality, and this Taylor 114ce review is going to show that they don’t compromise on this new addition to their acoustic guitar family. So how does Taylor offer their signature quality for around $800.00 when in the...

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Fender FA-100 Review

Almost every music store has a Fender acoustic in it. This is because nothing says starter guitar like Fender. While they also have high end Stratocaster electrics, and with a little doing you could get a Fender acoustic in a local store for over $1k, the lion’s share...

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