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Are the prices shown in the inventory “firm”?

Yes. Since we are not directly selling guitars but instead are curating instruments from other sources and linking to the sale we cannot control the price. Even when we are directly selling the product we are trying to price the guitars at a fair level based on builder, model, woods, appointments, condition, and what we had to pay to make it available for you. If some pieces seem a little “high” it probably is the result of paying the previously players rather strong money to help them move into another fine instrument or to keep the inventory stocked with very nice selections for you to consider – and be able to get right away – not wait 18 months or longer for one to get built.

Should I really buy a “high-dollar” instrument when I mostly play for my own enjoyment and little or no playing-out is in the picture?

All the more reason – you will appreciate a special instrument much more and it should make your playing sound much better. You will probably work harder and take your playing more seriously. And if you do decide to move on to something else – either a different instrument or stop playing – a fine guitar in nice condition is very desirable to other players and will hold it’s value very nicely.

If I visit your shop and am interested in a guitar that has a pick-up, is there equipment there to plug in and hear how it sounds?

No. We have no physical location so if you found us, it isn’t us. I’m not sure where you are. Be careful!

Are you an authorized dealer for the new guitars you have in stock?

We don’t maintain a sizable stock and instead curate guitars from other sources and direct you to them. If we sell an istrument directly we are not an authorized re-seller an you should consider them “previously owned” as they almost certainly are.